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Welcome to Karen Glass, the website of bespoke fused glass designer Karen Francis. The way we look affects how we feel and are perceived by others. Wearing individual hand made pieces of fashion jewellery is a statement of your own taste and individuality, marking you out as someone special.

You can feel confident that with Karen's designer pieces complementing your look you will be making a real statement about yourself.

Karen makes jewellery by fusing glass - sometimes referred to as kiln-fired or warm glass as opposed to the very high temperatures used in glass blowing - bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings, necklaces and cuff links. Each piece is uniquely hand crafted, a true one off. Separate pieces have unique variations but can be combined to create a unified whole through matching colour and design.

Karen's pieces are typically complemented by the use of superior quality silver chains and Murano Glass beads.

These pieces are for any time of the year. Buy Karen's pieces as unique presents for someone special in your life.

"Look through my website and contact me now at or on 01305 266495"

My jewellery pieces are

  • unique
  • handcrafted in Dorset by me
  • collectable

...they are not

  • made for me
  • exploiting makers in the far east
  • similar to lots of other pieces